Flatbed  freight shipping to Mexico

Reaction time

Flatbed freight shipping to Mexico with  only one day notice.

Unbeatable price

Our vast network of providers and alliances allows us to find the best solution at the lowest price in the market.

We guarantee the lowest rates in transportation in flatbeds, step-decks, double-drops; as well as in layover, detention, border delays, insurance, and all our logistics services.


A timeframe free of charge for detention and delays in our open deck solutions

Loading time: get 2 hours to upload and download, free of charge.
Border delays: 2 days at the border at no charge.

The support of Mexicom for more than 10 years has been giving us the best market prices and their coordination of our shipments, ensured an accurate collection time – Mario Hanssel Téllez Arroyo, Logistics Operations Manager, SkyNet

Mexicom Logistics has more than 15 years of experience shipping freight to Mexico

Our Flatbed freight shipping services include

  • A large network of C-TPAT approved companies with transit permits and 24/7 satellite tracking systems
  • Bonded carriers for in-transit international shipments
  • Rapid cross-border expediting
  • Team driver for a fast delivery mode.
  • We can provide cargo insurance at an exclusive rate for our clients: 0.3%

Equipment Options

We have a wide variety of flatbeds, double-drops, and step-decks to ship your cargo from the United States and Canada to Mexico and vice-versa.

Experts in the USA-Mexico border crossing

The border crossing for the transportation of merchandise between the United States and Mexico is one of the busiest in the world. Its geopolitical position, the type of goods that are transported and the high cross-border control, make the transportation of merchandise across the border of Mexico and the USA a complex process.

Our core service is the transport of your Flatbed shipments between Canada, the USA, and Mexico. We know the process, the documents, times and other requirements, to cross the border hassle free!

If you need a really reliable partner to transport your goods throughout North America, Mexicom Logistics is the answer!

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mexico_america_shipping_process explanation


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