Do you need to carry a load within the U.S.? Mexicom Logistics and Mexicom USA are ready to help you

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We are experts in reliable and economic freight transportation throughout North America.  Mexicom Logistics and Mexicom USA are ready to assist you.

Advantages of working with a 3PL like Mexicom Logistics:

  • Time and personnel administration. When you have a logistics supplier, you can focus on other things, like sales or product development.
  • Cost reduction. This kind of supplier has better deals with suppliers, therefore, they can offer you better pricing adapted to your load’s volume and flow.
  • Adaptability. They can easily adjust to changes in flow and volume of loads.
  •  Speed and coverage. Since you are using the supplier’s carrier network, you can enjoy faster deliveries within their territory.
  • Mitigate risks. Delays can happen for several reasons. When this happens, your 3PL can adjust the route to deliver the load as soon as possible.
  • International support. If you have a business in more than one country, your 3PL can take charge of procedures and paperwork needed in each one of them.

We want to help you with your U.S. freight

Mexicom USA is able to carry your load from Dallas & Houston, TX, throughout the U.S. Right now, we have on our account up to 10 units, 53 ft dry vans, ready to pick up.

Contact us at and ask for a quote, or, you can click here.

What information do you need in order to ask for a quote?

When asking for a quote, you must have in hand this information:

  • Do you need an FTL or LTL service?

For  LTL:

    • ZP origin and destination
    • Commodity
    • Number of pallets
    • Dimension of each pallet (length, width and height)
    • Weight

For FTL:

    • ZP origin and destination
    • Commodity
    • Is it palletized?
    • Total weight


  • Do you have a Customs Broker in Laredo, TX?
  • Name and address of your company
  • Phone number
  • Website


* This information is needed to know more about your business and special needs.


We are ready to carry your load!


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