[Checklist] Everything you need to know to register with a Customs Agent

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Here we are delving into all the different concepts of customs brokerage services. Providing information to register properly with a customs agent.

What is needed to register with a customs broker?

Check out this checklist with all the documents needed to register with a Customs Broker Agent. Whether you are importing or exporting  goods between Mexico and the US, this information will help you.


You can request your transportation and add customs broker services for imports and exports in Mexico and the United States.

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Defining terms and documents  required to be set up with an American Customs Broker 

U.S. Power of Attorney (POA)

This legal document grants one individual the authority to act on behalf of another person in legal matters. Its activation can be immediate or contingent upon the incapacitation of the grantor. A durable power of attorney continues in effect until the grantor’s cancellation, without the need for periodic renewal.

A power of attorney gives one or more persons the power to act on your behalf as your agent.

Form W-9

Form W-9 is used in the United States income tax system by a third party who must file an information return with the Internal Revenue Service. It requests the name, address, and taxpayer identification information of a taxpayer.

Form W-9 is frequently utilized by the IRS to gather essential details from individuals or entities expecting to receive payments from others. Its prevalent usage is often observed when individuals undertake work as independent contractors for businesses. If you’re engaged as a contractor or commencing freelance work, you may be requested to fill out a W-9 form and furnish it to the paying entity.

Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin validates the “nationality” of a product and functions as a declaration to fulfill customs or trade regulations. COs are primarily necessary for customs clearance processes to ascertain duties or the authenticity of imports.

A certificate of origin is a document declaring in which country a commodity or good was manufactured.


A bonded shipment is one that reaches its ultimate destination country through one or more intermediary countries. As it is not intended for consumption or use in any of the countries through which it passes, bonded cargo does not undergo formal customs clearance until it arrives at its final destination country.

The product or commodity is moving within U.S. boundaries but has not yet been processed by U.S. Customs processes to officially enter U.S. government authority to be consumed by U.S. persons or companies.

Commercial Invoice

The Commercial Invoice, a vital document in international trade, serves as both a contract and evidence of sale provided by the seller to the buyer. It outlines the goods being sold, including their price, value, and quantity.

A commercial invoice is a required document for the export and import clearance process. It is sometimes used for foreign exchange purposes. In the buyer’s country, it is the document that is used by their customs officials to assess import duties and taxes.

Acta Constitutiva

A notarial document that records the formation of a company or group, detailing aspects such as its foundations, objectives, members, and their specific responsibilities. Additionally, it includes the authenticated signatures of the members and other relevant information about the established society.

Is the mandatory document that certifies and legalizes the establishment of a company at the moment of creating a business.

American Customs Broker Agent Set up Processing Times

New importer: set up process can take up to 48 hours.

Already an importer: 24 hours to set up the customer internally.


Single import: simple set up (less time).

Multiple imports: all products must be set up in the system which means it takes longer to complete the



Defining terms and documents

Carta de encomienda

The “carta encomienda” is a free-form letter, usually drafted at the request of the customs broker, explicitly stating that they have been entrusted to provide the service of customs clearance for foreign trade goods.

Written instructions provided by the recipient for imports or by the sender for exports, as applicable, to the customs broker.

Carta autorización de Ventanilla Única

Aims to streamline and simplify information flows between commerce and government, providing significant benefits for all parties involved in cross-border trade.

It is a tool that allows the submission of electronic information, only once, to a single entity, to meet all the requirements of foreign trade. This is possible through the simplification, standardization, and automation of management processes.

Carta compromiso

Is a document that publicly informs users about the services managed by the organization and the quality commitments assumed, allowing it to demonstrate the effectiveness of its operating principles.

Serves as a commitment guarantee between maintenance service providers and a specific organization on a predetermined date.

Mexican Customs Broker Set up Processing Times

The set up process with a Mexican customs broker is a lot longer (some times it takes weeks) than the set up process with an American customs broker. It all depends on the customers reaction time to the request of legal documents.


In Mexico, besides having all the data provided by the customer both, the broker and customer must work together with customs broker in order to achieve all the verification processes correctly.


You can request your transportation and add customs broker services for imports and exports in Mexico and the United States.

Quotes: info@mexicomlogistics.com



Elementos de un acta constitutiva

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