What kind of goods are transported regularly on open deck trucks or flatbeds?

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Given the wide variety of freight transport equipment that exists in the market, it can be difficult to select the equipment that results in the best cost-benefit ratio. To help you determine if open deck trucks are the best option for you, we created an open deck infographic with brief information about the type of goods they usually carry and the open deck type of trucks (flatbeds, step-decks, double-drops) and their dimensions.

Open deck equipment are trucks without roof and without sides. They are used to transport loads that:

  • They need to be loaded by the top or side of the truck. This type of load would not be possible in the case of a closed truck, whose load must be made by the rear.
  • They have dimensions greater than the space available in a closed truck. On an open deck truck you can have more flexibility since they can be adapted to transport oversized equipment.
  • They have a greater weight than a closed truck can carry. Some platforms can be adapted to carry heavier loads than closed trucks.
  • They do not need to be transported in a closed truck and do not need to be kept at a specific temperature. For example, frozen foods that require temperatures of less than zero to maintain their freshness and quality.

Examples of the type of goods that can be transported on platforms are construction materials, pipes, wood, molds, tanks, steel tanks, rods, aeroparts, machinery, bricks, tractors, among others.

The open deck trucks have advantages of flexibility in terms of weight, dimension, and loading (Guide of types, dimensions, and weights of open deck trucks). However, they also have inherent risks to the characteristics of the vehicle, which can be easily handled if you have the service of a reliable company and expert in handling merchandise. Some of the challenges when using open deck trucks are:

  • They require a trained team to perform the loading and unloading maneuvers, which are more complex than those performed in other types of equipment.
  • It is necessary to secure the load adequately to avoid falls or damages.
  • Not all companies have equipment available at all times, so sometimes, collection times may take several days. Only some companies, such as Mexicom Logistics, have the ability to collect with just one day notice.

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