Benefits of working with a 3PL

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What is the difference between a freight broker, a freight forwarder, and a 3PL? Where is their place in the supply chain? Find out about the benefits of working with a 3PL to manage your freight transportation.

Let’s talk about freight brokers: they can be persons or companies who act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers, also, they don’t always have trucks of their own.

Freight forwarders are similar in functions and have the same place in the supply chain. However, they are more involved in forwarding cargo and logistics. They manage if freight needs to be at a warehouse, and they can schedule pick up and delivery. Besides, they can help the shipper with the procedures they need and can have their own equipment, like trucks and warehouses.

Both, freight brokers and forwarders are intermediaries between carriers and shippers. On one side, they can help carriers to find loads and, on the other hand, they are in charge of developing a reliable distribution network that must have attractive prices for shippers.

Now, what is a 3PL? When we talk about third-party logistics (3PL), we are referring to a supplier dedicated to managing all subjects related to logistics, like storage, transportation, pick up, and delivery of freight.

Mexicom Logistics is a 3PL dedicated to offering reliable terrestrial freight transportation at affordable prices through North America. Find out more about our services here.

Advantages of working with a 3PL like Mexicom Logistics:

  • Time and personnel administration. When you have a logistics supplier, you can focus on other things, like sales or product development.
  • Cost reduction. This kind of suppliers has better deals with suppliers, therefore, they can offer you better pricing adapted to your load’s volume and flow.
  • Adaptability. They can easily adjust to changes in flow and volume of loads.
  •  Speed and coverage. Since you are using the supplier’s carrier network, you can enjoy faster deliveries within their territory.
  • Mitigate risks. Delays can happen for several reasons. When this happens, your 3PL can adjust the route to deliver the load as soon as possible.
  • International support. If you have a business in more than one country, your 3PL can take charge of procedures and paperwork needed in each one of them.

If you are a carrier…

As a 3PL, Mexicom Logistics can have more route options for you. As freight transportations specialists throughout Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, we can give you loads that can adjust to your needs and preferences.

Besides, we have prepared special benefits for you, like our Quick Payment Options.







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