Exporting from Quebec to Mexico: process, stats and transport provider

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In this post, we prepared an infographic about Quebec exportation to Mexico, in which we include the top 5  exports to Mexico, some important figures,  as well as an overview of the export process from Quebec to Mexico.

Quebec and Mexico are important strategic partners. In fact, in 2018,  the trade between Quebec and Mexico represented 15.7% of the trade between Canada and this country. In addition, Mexico is Quebec’s biggest trade partner in Latin America.

As an illustration, the value of trade in goods between Quebec and Mexico in 2018 was of the same order of magnitude as the value of trade between Quebec and all Latin American countries.



The value of trade in goods between Quebec and Mexico increased by 8.5%  from 2017 to 2018, when it reached $ 7.1 billion.

The top 5 exports from Quebec to Mexico are:

  • Aluminum (18.5% of the total)
  • Steel bars and sections (12.1%)
  • Aircraft, helicopters and other air or space vehicles (7.6%)
  • Motor vehicle parts and accessories (6.9%)
  • Parts of aircraft, helicopters and other air vehicles (5.4%)

The top 5 imports from Mexico to Quebec are:

  • Passenger cars and other types of vehicles (25.6% of the total)
  • Trucks for the transportation of goods (13.4%)
  • Parts of aircraft, helicopters and other air vehicles (9.4%)
  • Tractors (6.8%)
  • Computers and their units (5.9%).

The export process from Quebec to Mexico

The following is an overview of the steps that you need to follow when exporting goods from Quebec to Mexico. 

The export process from Quebec to Mexico is very similar to the export process from Ontario to Mexico that we published in a previous post, if you want to have more information about  Ontario trade with Mexico, please refer to our previous post on this topic

The different parties involved in the export process from Quebec to Mexico:

  • Shipper in  Quebec
  • Consignee in Mexico
  • Canadian customs
  • American customs
  • Mexican Customs
  • Transportation company: Mexicom Logistics, which specializes in freight transport from Quebec to Mexico. Also, we speak French, English, and Spanish.

9 steps exporting commercial goods from Quebec to Mexico:

1- The purchase

A Mexican buyer orders goods from a company in Quebec and issues a purchase order.

2- Prepare export documents and international order

The shipper in Quebec prepares the export documents and the international order. The shipper has to consider marking requirements.

Documents in this step:

  • Packing list
  • Commercial invoice

3- Arrange for transportation of goods from Quebec  to Mexico

Either the person who sells the goods (shipper in Quebec ) or the person who receives the goods (consignee in Mexico) has to arrange the transportation of the goods.

The party in charge of arranging the transportation of the goods to Mexico contacts a freight forwarder,  such as Mexicom Logistics, which is a company that is going to negotiate the rates with a large network of carriers to offer you the lowest rate available from the most reliable carriers.

For more information about the advantage of using a freight forwarder, please refer to our post:  Why shippers use a Freight ForwarderAlternatively, you can contact a carrier directly.

Another advantage of contacting Mexicom Logistics is that it is a freight forwarder that specializes in shipping goods from Quebec to Mexico, which means that it knows the process of transporting goods to Mexico like no one else.

Visit: LTL freight shipping from Ontario and Quebec to Mexico

4- Prepare documents

Shipper prepares the following documents:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Export Declaration B13a
  • Certificate of origin
  • Permits (if required)

5- Transportation of goods

Mexicom Logistics keeps you updated on the status of your load, while goods are being transported by the carrier.

Mexicom Logistics also takes care of the bond. As the shipment will be transported from Canada directly to Mexico, without clearing customs in the US, the load will be an in-bond load. In-bond loads are those that are stored or transported through the United States but are not intended to be commercialized in that country, so they do not clear customs in the US border.  More information about in-bond load in our post: What you need to know about in-bond shipments through the US 

6- Canada customs

Shipper has to notify Canada Customs within the established time-frames

7- Foreign customs (American and Mexican)

The following documents  have to be sent to the Customs brokers:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Export permits
  • Other foreign customs document requirements

8- Customs clearance

Final accounting and payment of duties and taxes

9- Goods received

Goods are received by the consignee in Mexico.

Documents in this step:

  • Proof of delivery
  • Payment issued

For more information about the export process from Canada, please refer to the Canadian government site:  https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/export/guide-fra.html


Do you need a transportation provider to ship your goods from Quebec to Mexico?

Contact Mexicom Logistics at

info@mexicomlogistics.com |  514-667-0174

Mexicom Logistics transports commercial goods from Ontario and Quebec to Mexico


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