What is included in an all-inclusive LTL freight rate?

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Here is a list of  what is included in an All-Inclusive Less Than Truckload freight rate:

  • Door-to-Door transportation service.
    This means the transportation of the load from the pick-up address to the final destination.
  • Border crossing fee.
    It refers to the transportation of the goods between the  USA border and the Mexican border.
  • Customs brokerage service.
    This means preparing and submitting documentation (eg. “Manifiesto”, “Pedimentos”, etc) to notify or obtain clearance from the US government
  • T&E Bond. (Only applicable when shipping from Canada to Mexico).
    The customs T&E Bond is a form of insurance to protect the United States in the event that an importer or exporter does not pay the duties, taxes or fines incurred in their imports.

What is not included in an All-inclusive LTL freight rate for international services?

  • Loading and Uploading.
    Loading the truck is the shipper’s responsibility. Likewise, unloading the truck is the consignee’s responsibility.
  • Customs Duties.
    The tax due when importing items.
  • Accessorial fees.
    Meaning lift-gate services,  reclassification and reweight services,  LTL maneuvres, among others. To know more about accessorial services,  please refer to our post on this subject

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