National Transport Strike in Mexico: what are the demands?

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The Mexican Alliance of Transport Organizations (AMOTAC) call for a National Strike in Mexico on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

Why are the transport workers on strike?

The Mexican Alliance of Carrier Organizations reported that the National strike is carried out due to “the lack of response and attention to the truck man, small and medium transport, by the Federal Government, the SCT (Transportation Ministry),  and Authorities of the 3 levels of government”.

Some of the demands of transportation workers are:

The issuance of operator’s licenses.
Safer roads.
A reduction in the cost of fuels and toll booths.
A reduction in the cost of auxiliary services, such as cranes.
Stop the abuse of power by federal, state and municipal police.
Cargo, passenger and tourism vehicles licenses’ renewal.
Replacement of cargo, passenger and tourism vehicles.



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