5 approaches to succeed in eCommerce

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It is not a secret that Amazon is the big giant of the eCommerce Empire. Amazon holds almost half of the $252.7 billion eCommerce market, which is more than double the market share of the next 9 companies combined, including eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Apple and others.

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What can we learn from Amazon to improve our online sales? In this post, we present you 5 approaches that you can follow to succeed in this competitive market:

1- Highly unique marketing strategies per channel with diversification

A few years ago, the average consumer journey started primarily on Google. Today, customers browse online on different channels before making any purchase. Shopper’s path starts very often on Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, Walmart, just as much as it does from Google. Understanding your customer’s purchase path will help you to develop a good marketing strategy, which most probably will include unique and different strategies per channel.

2- Mobile-optimizing shopping environments

Mobile purchases are projected to make up to 63% of total e-commerce sales this year. Companies who have app-based and mobile-optimizing shopping environments for their customers have more chances of succeeding in their businesses.

3- Customer-centric strategies

It is not a secret that one of the reasons for Amazon’s success is its outstanding customer service. Amazon is very dedicated to preventing and addressing customers problems in a very effective manner. Examples of this are its accurate deliveries, quick returns or ordered items exchange. Businesses focused on e-commerce must do as much as they can to develop customer-centered strategies.

4- Focus on efficient distribution

Successful e-commerce companies such as Walmart or Amazon understand very well the role that distribution plays in their customer-based strategies. They have distribution centers across the globe that allow them to quickly ship products to their customers. If you want to really delivery an excel customer experience and keep your sales growing you need to make sure that you manage the supply and demand resourcefully and your deliveries are quick and accurate.

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5. Research and develop

Understanding market trends and constantly innovating are fundamental aspects of business growth. How to do so? Well, you already have a very valuable dataset already available: Your current consumers. It is a good idea to analyze your own data and identify the trends before creating your marketing, distribution and product development strategies.


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