[Infographic] What are the palletizing standards in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada?

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What is a pallet?

A pallet is a horizontal, consistent platform, used to stack different types of merchandise during storage or transport. The use of pallets allows the lifting and movement of grouped merchandise in a safe and stable manner.

Pallets can be made of different types of materials such as wood, metal, aluminum, cardboard, paper, and plastic.

pallet sizes Mexico USA Canada

What is the standard pallet size in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada?

A few years ago, each industry manufactured its own pallets based on the type of merchandise it had to handle, without taking into account the size of the platforms used in other industries; this changed with standardization.

There are standardized measurements of pallets according to different classifications, including the one elaborated by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

The standard measurements for pallets used in Mexico, the United States and Canada are:

1016 x 1219mm // 40.00″ × 48.00″.


Standard measurements of the most used pallets in Mexico, the United States and Canada

Quarter pallet:

1.2m – 48in Length
1m – 40in Width
0.6m – 24in Height

Half pallet:

1.2m – 48in Length
1m – 40in Width
1m – 40in Height

Full pallet:

1.2m – 48in Length
1m – 40in Width
2.20m – 87in Height



Cómo paletizar adecuadamente. How to palletize properly

What is palletizing and how to properly palletize?

It is the process of storing or grouping merchandise or cargo on a pallet, allowing the palletized merchandise to be transported with equipment such as pallet jacks or forklifts.

1- Before palletizing

Before you start palletizing, you must:

  • Examine the status and conditions of the pallet
  • Note the maximum weight it supports, so as not to exceed it
  • Verify the weight and height of the merchandise

2- How to load the merchandise on the pallet?

  • Stack the merchandise on the pallet,
  • If the merchandise allows it, stack in columns for better stability
  • Fill the boxes completely to prevent them from being crushed
  • Distribute the weight of the merchandise on the pallet
  • Se pueden utilizar :
    • Cardboard corners to protect  the edges of the merchandise,
    • Separator inserters,
    • Skid sheet to protect pallet load

This step is usually carried out by people, but when the merchandise is very large or heavy, a palletizing robot could be used.

3- Fixing the merchandise

  • Make the correct labeling
  • So that the product does not move, it is necessary to cover it with an elastic wrap “film”, this material also helps to protect against humidity, dust, garbage, etc.
  • Use bands, straps, or strapping if necessary

Why is it important to palletize goods before shipping them?

If goods are not palletized correctly:

  • It may cause loss or damage to the merchandise
  • Truck instability may occur during transportation.

Palletizing correctly will help avoid accidents, save time and money, benefit the loading and unloading process and can further guarantee that the merchandise is fully protected to reach its destination.


  • Facilitates the calculation of merchandise inventories
  • Gives merchandise better portability and protects it from damage caused by handling and transportation
  • Better use of space in warehouses and trucks
  • The height of the pallets helps to keep the merchandise safe from water, garbage, etc.
  • Facilitates loading and unloading of products
  • Pallets are reusable and most are recyclable
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