Freight transport between Canada and Mexico

for commercial goods

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Mexicom Logistics specializes in door-to-door freight transport services between Canada and Mexico.

Mexicom Logistics promise is to make sure your shipment from Canada arrives safe, secure and on time to its final destination in Mexico. Thus, you will enjoy an impeccable freight transport service from Canada to Mexico.

What is included in our freight transport services between Canada and Mexico?

  • First, a rapid cross-border USA-Mexico expediting for direct and trans-loading shipments.
  • Additionally, twice a day status updates so customers are fully aware of the status of their shipment
  • Moreover, we follow-up and manage all involved parties. For example, Trans Loaders, Customs Brokers and Transfer Agents.
  • If needed, we offer border trans-loading from a Canadian or American trailer to a Mexican trailer, or vice-versa to save costs.
  • Furthermore, we are a trilingual team that speaks French, English & Spanish and is capable of expediting with all parties involved.

Connecting Mexico to Canada

We offer a secure and impeccable freight transport service from Mexico to all of Canada, especially to the following provinces:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan

And Canada to Mexico

Certainly, we also offer safe and efficient freight transport from Canada to the main cities and states in Mexico, such as:

  • Aguascalientes
  • Querétaro
  • Mexico City
  • Puebla
  • Tlaxcala
  • Guadalajara
  • Monterrey
  • Saltillo
  • San Luis Potosí


We are experts in the creation of T&E, IT, and all the necessary documents to make your BONDED shipments as if they were local movements. We have helped hundreds of clients and customs brokers to understand the Canadian processes for imports and exports.

We are experienced, trustworthy, and trilingual

First, our logistics team comprises trilingual logistics experts that not only speak French, English & Spanish but also are capable of expediting with all parties involved. In this case: trans loaders, customs brokers, and transfer agents.

Second, we have more than 18 years of experience offering reliable and affordable direct and trans-load freight transport to connect Mexican and Canadian markets.

Above all, Mexicom Logistics has developed a strong relationship with Canadian and Mexican customers by providing them with truthful freight transport services.

In conclusion, we can offer you a Canada-Mexico Freight Shipping experience hassle-free!

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A wide variety of options for your freight transportation between Canada and Mexico

Thanks to our vast network of providers and alliances, we are able to provide our customers with the lowest rates on freight transportation between Canada and Mexico.

In addition, we have a wide variety of trucks to respond to our customer’s needs. Equipment such as Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, Lowboys and Step-decks or specialized equipment is available to transport any type of goods between Canada and Mexico.

Full Tuck Load
Full Tuck Load
Door-to-Door transportation to and from any point in Mexico and Canada.
A dedicated full truck
44,000 lbs of product
48’- 53’ trailers
Dry van trucking or refrigerated shipping
Less Than Truckload
Less Than Truckload
Consolidated shipments between Canada and Mexico
Save money sharing transportation costs with other companies.
Loads up to 10,000 pounds and 12 linear feet
LTL are shipped twice a week.
Flatbed Shipping
Flatbed Shipping
The lowest rate on flatbed shipments between Canada and Mexico.
Flatbeds, lowboys, double-drops, RGN, Tandems.
Tarps, frames, sides, curtains or any other equipment you may need, just ask us.
Partial Truckload
Partial Truckload
Save up to 50% on transport costs by choosing the Partial Truckload mode
Partial Truckload
For loads between 12 and 30 linear feet and
between 1 000 and 25 000 lbs.
Dry Van of 48 or 53 feet Cargo measures shipping across North America

48 or 53 ft Dry Vans

Less Than Truck (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL) freight transport services between Canada and Mexico in Dry Van

53 ft reefer measurements cargo transportation mexico canada usa

53 ft Reefers

Temperature controlled transportation from Canada to any point in Mexico and vice-versa.

Freight transportation in 48 ft double drops Mexicom Logistics

48 ft Double-drops

Double-drops to transport oversized and overweight cargo between Canada and Mexico.

48 or 53 ft step-deck freight transportation services

48 or 53 ft Step-decks

Step-decks to transport cargo door to door to Mexico from Canada and to Canada from Mexico at an unbeatable price.

48 or 53 ft Flatbeds available to ship your cargo in Mexico, USA and Canada

48 or 53 ft Flatbeds

We offer the lowest rates in flatbed shipping from/to Mexico and from/to Canada. Moreover, we are ready to move your load with just one day notice.

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