Welcome to Mexicom Logistics®

Mexicom Logistics® is a freight forwarder based in Montreal, Canada, which specializes in providing reliable and affordable freight shipping services throughout North America.Our promise is that your load arrives safely and accurately to its final destination.

Mexicom Logistics® makes the border-crossing freight transportation simple, especially when crossing the US-Mexico border. That is why our more than 650 Mexican, American and Canadian clients prefer to ship with us.

We have provided logistics and transport services throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico for over 14 years. During these years, Mexicom Logistics® has developed partnerships with a wide variety of reliable carriers within North America. Among them, we choose those that offer the most competitive rates to give our customers high quality land transport services at the most competitive prices.


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Our Services

Internationally known for our ability to handle every detail of the logistics and transportation process between Canada, the US, and Mexico, our trilingual logistics experts take care of all your needs.

Full Tuck Load
Full Tuck Load
Door to Door freight shipping services throughout Canada, the US and Mexico
44,000 lbs
48’- 53’ Trucks
Less Than Trailer Load
Less Than Trailer Load
A Less Than Truckload service tailored to your needs.
Save money by sharing transportation costs with other companies.
Load up to 12 linear feet and 10,000 pounds
Flatbed Shipping
Flatbed Shipping
The lowest rate on flatbed transportation between Canada, US and Mexico.
Flatbeds, lowboys, double-drops, RGN, Tandems.
Tarps, frames, sides, curtains, etc
Specialized, oversized & overweight
Specialized, oversized & overweight
Transport of very large or very heavy loads through North America
If your merchandise is too heavy, too long, too wide, etc ... we have the solution!

Additional services

Warehousing and distribution

Customs Brokerage

Cargo Insurance

Security and Escorting

An efficient and affordable freight shipping service across North America

North America Transport Freight Services Map Main Cities


The freight transportation across the border of Mexico and the US is a complex process. This is due to the border’s geopolitical position, as well as the high control to transport goods and all the paperwork involved.

The Mexico-US border-crossing is our specialty! We know the process, the documents, the times and all the requirements to transport your goods across the border without problems and in an efficient way. We have crossed more than 49 000 loads across the North American borders!

“MEXICOM LOGISTICS at all times shows the commitment, responsibility, and professionalism to comply with the guidelines and goals that we require in our international movements.

The solutions that it implements for each service are the most accurate and this makes us continue to grow together.”

Luis Peralta, Logistics Manager – ALTA STOCKMAN
(Original version in Spanish)

“Excellent service

Prompt responses to our requests

Good follow up

Competitive prices”

 Giovana Miranda, Logisitics Coordinator


Why Choose Us?



A large network of C-TPAT approved companies with transit permits and 24/7 satellite tracking systems.



Our trilingual logistics experts will guide you through the process of transporting cargo across the borders of North America.



Our expert Customer Service Team is ready to address ALL your logistics queries and concerns.



Your load always arrives on time and safe.


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