Quick facts on the current state of the trucking industry in North America – Rates, Market, Vaccine Mandates, Convoy

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Updated: February 2, 2022

What are the new requirements for truckers entering Canada and the US?


Protests in Canada against the new requirements for cross-border essential workers

the Freedom Rally

  • A convoy formed by hundreds of truckers moved across Canada to protest the new requirements for cross-border essential workers.
  • The convoy called “the Freedom Rally” is formed by drivers driving their own vehicles.
  • It arrived to Ottawa over the weekend to stage a protest on Parlament Hill.
  • Today, there are fewer protesters than over the weekend but heavy trucks and other vehicles continue to clog downtown
  • The convoy has raised $4.6-million from more than 60,400 donors on  GoFundMe.

In Alberta…

  • In Alberta, trucks and cars have been blocking the Coutts,  border crossing just north of Sweet Grass, Montana.
  • In Alberta, a blockade by truck drivers stationed near a border checkpoint at the Canadian-US border, blocking a major commercial artery between the two countries.
  • The drivers have said they’re not moving until health restrictions are lifted.


How many truckers will be sidelined by the new vaccination requirements?

Some 10% to 20%, or between 12,000-22,000 Canadian truck drivers, and 40%, or 16,000 U.S. truck drivers, according to the Canadian Trucking Association.



How does it affect supply chains in Mexico, the USA, and Canada?

  • The vast majority of all consumer products and food in Canada, the US, and Mexico are shipped by trucks.
  • Shortage of available drivers gets worse- The vacancy rate across the truck transportation sector was 8.0% in the third quarter of 2021, the second-highest vacancy rate in the Canadian economy


What other factors are affecting supply chains in Mexico, the USA, and Canada?

  • The current Omicron wave and Illness- related absenteeism
  • Historic weather events in Canada and the US – Very active winter storms
  • The obligation to declare the Carta Porte on the Mexican customs entry will be in effect on March 31.
  • New Lunar Year,  aka Chinese New Year, brings strong import volumes that put pressure on inland transportation.


What can shippers expect in Q1 nad Q2? – Freight Rates Increase

  • Truckload spot market pricing is forecasted to increase another 6%.
  • LTL rate increases are forecasted between 11% to 9%.


What can shippers do?

  • Remain flexible – Allow for flexibility in schedules, pick-up, and transit times.
  • Plan shipments ahead
  • Prepare for an increment in rates
  • Contact  your 3PL provider:  Mexicom Logistics  at +1 514 667 0175info@mexicomlogistics.com


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