Reliable Flatbed Freight Shipping at the lowest rate

Don’t lose sleep over your loads,

Get a flatbed transport service at Mexicom.


Always ready

Our vast network of carriers allows us to be ready to pick up your load with just one day notice.
Flatbeds, step-decks and double drops ready when you need them.


Top-quality at the lowest rate

Our knowledge and great number of contacts allow us to lock in lower rates with top-quality carriers than you would get as a one-off shipper.

Get the lowest rate specially on flatbed, step-deck, or double-drop shipments from Canada and the USA to Mexico.


Flexibility at the border

While our competitors will charge you for every hour in detention or delays at the border,  we are flexible and we offer you 2 hours for uploading and downloading and 2 days at the border for delays free of charge.

This is because we understand the complexity of the US-Mexico border-crossing like no one else. | +1 514-667-0174

More than 13 years of experience moving cargo from Canada and USA to Mexico

North America land freight with main cities un USA, Canada and Mexico where the transportation door to door service is offered. From New York, Ohio, Massachussets, Texas, California, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, Ohio, to Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, El Bajío | +1 514-667-0174

The support of Mexicom for more than 10 years has been giving us the best market prices  and their coordination of our shipments, ensured  an accurate collection time  – Mario Hanssel Téllez Arroyo, Logistics Operations Manager, SkyNet

Transport or aerospacial parts  in Flatbed  by Mexicom Logistics

All our flatbeds, step-decks or double-drops include

  • A large network of C-TPAT approved companies with transit permits and 24/7 satellite tracking systems
  • Bonded carriers for in-transit international shipments
  • Rapid cross-border expediting
  • Team driver for a fast delivery mode.
  • We can provide cargo insurance at an exclusive rate for our clients: 0.3%

Our Flatbeds

We have a wide variety of flatbeds, double-drops, and step-decks to move your cargo from the United States and Canada to Mexico and vice-versa. | +1 514-667-0174