Important Notice: Phishing Alert

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Phishing Alert

Dear customers and suppliers,

We would like to inform our customers and providers that our company, Mexicom Logistics, has become aware of identity theft attempts or phishing, being done by entities not related to Mexicom Logistics.

Communications from email addresses ending with “.net” do not belong to Mexicom Logistics. Official Mexicom Logistics email addresses always end in “.com”.

So far we have identified two domains associated with phishing practices:

  • – Does not belong to Mexicom Logistics

  • – Does not belong to Mexicom Logistics

The official email addresses of Mexicom Logistics always end:

Examples: – It is an email address that does not belong to our company – It is an email address that does not belong to our company – Yes, it belongs to our organization

The scams have also been found to be run through a Texas-based company. We would like to make it clear that Mexicom Logistics’  headquarter is not located in Texas, but in Montreal, Canada.

If you have questions, please contact us

For any questions in case of suspected fraud, please contact the following contacts:


Providers, please contact

Jorge Hans

514 667 0174 ext. 29


Clients, please contact

Astrid Reyes

514 667 0174 ext. 3. 4

Marben Acosta Teran oversees the overall international B2B marketing strategy for Mexicom Logistics. She is passionate about building a solid brand while creating useful content for its audience. Marben loves learning more about the industry and being part of the Mexicom family.
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