Experts create an interactive logistics map for freight transport in Mexico

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The National Laboratory of Transport and Logistics Systems (SiT-LOG Lab) creates the interactive map on the flows of cargo vehicles based on the analysis of millions of data –big data-. The map will be used to design delivery routes with greater reliability and will be useful for the decision makers who design and operate transport infrastructure in Mexico.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), of the 38 million 23 thousand 535 vehicles registered in Mexico, 25.9 percent is cargo transportation. Hence the importance of generating tools that facilitate the management of infrastructure and the performance of logistics systems.

The SiT-LOG Lab currently has a large project, which consists of measuring the fluidity of cargo transport in the strategic corridors of Mexico.

“Specifically, this involves identifying and predicting bottlenecks on highways and federal highways in the country; Reliability in costs and delivery times agreed by organizations within a supply chain is currently a key element of competitiveness, ” said Gastón Cedillo, principal investigator of the IMT and technical manager of the Sit-LOG, in an interview for the Agencia Informativa Conacyt.

He also explained that, to create the map, the team worked in conjunction with the National Chamber of Cargo Autotransport (CANCAR), which provided the information to carry out the first step, which consisted of “establishing, based on millions of data and complex algorithms, average travel times, reliability and fluidity along a pair of freight transport corridors. ”

“As a result, the important potential was identified to improve the logistics competitiveness of companies and the planning of infrastructure. The information was segmented by regions and each group will be focused on validating the behavior of the data within its own region of influence; later, the IMT will integrate the information coming from the different regions of the country to generate an interactive map of easy access and use, ” explained Cedillo.


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