Reasons why you need to invest in E-Commerce in Mexico

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Mexico’s e-commerce market is becoming one of the most dynamic growth sectors in the country’s economy. Mexico is home of 60 million internet users. According to a study by the Mexican Association of Online Sales  (AMVO), 75% of the Mexicans online made an online purchase in the last three months, and 2 out of 3 of those purchases were International.

The USA is the country from where Mexicans made 75% of their international purchases. The main reasons for international purchases are price, unique items and brands not available in Mexico.

Clothes and accessories, jewelry,  watches, furniture, appliances,  equipment, and toys are some of the articles that are being purchased online in Mexico. The price of products, information and shipping time have been the main factors why people decided to buy these products online.

If you are planning to invest in E-Commerce in Mexico, take in consideration that a key aspect of this sector is the efficiency of product delivery. Make sure you count with a reliable service of warehousing and distribution in Mexico, able to deliver your products on time.

Source:  Mexican Association of Online Sales, AMVO

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