‘Truck driver shortage is a shortage of imagination’ – Forbes

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Forbes outlines some solutions to a problem that is not new in the transportation sector: the lack of truck drivers. In E.U.A. the deficit is estimated at around 50,000, with a tendency to worsen in the coming years.

According to Kevin O’Marah, author of the article, “The root of the problem may be that too many supply chain executives still see trucking as an undifferentiated commodity bought almost exclusively on the basis of cost.” The alternative would be, then, to develop the elements that go beyond the mere economic incentive.

The beginning of the solution is to visualize the driver as a professional in his work, not as someone who offers an isolated and unrelated service to the client, but as a professional aware of his role and the impact that it has on the final result and on the quality of service. Our logistics experts understand, on the one hand, the work schedules and the long hours the driver spends far from home. And on the other hand, the high demand for trips on specific routes and the high priority of loads. Our experience in the field, our extensive portfolio of suppliers and our knowledge of the complexity of cargo transportation in North America, allow us to offer an excellent service that balances the best terms for drivers, without sacrificing competitiveness in our prices.

It is also important to consider the role of new technologies as a point of contact between drivers, logistics specialists, and customers. Being a cutting-edge technology company allows Mexicom Logistics to maintain constant contact with drivers and offer punctual, complete, and illustrated reports to our customers.

Mexicom Logistics has not just the imagination, but the expertise to overcome the truck drivers shortage and continue delivering a high-level land freight service to our customers.

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