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At Mexicom USA, our dedication goes beyond mere promises; it is a genuine commitment to providing top-notch logistical solutions. We go the extra mile to carefully design, implement, and execute strategies that align with our clients’ distinct logistical needs. Our trilingual team is a testament to this dedication, ensuring a level of communication that fosters smooth interactions and operations. Our differentiator lies in allowing you to be worry-free when it comes to transportation. Let us handle all the tasks and responsibilities involved, leaving you at ease.


Our Services:

We specialize in efficient logistics services, covering local freight movements in Laredo, load consolidation and desconsolidation, cross-docking, bridge crossing for imports and exports, short-term storage, and freight shipping within the US, with a focus on expertise and effective logistics management. We ensure smooth and timely transportation of goods, tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

We facilitate the local transportation of goods between various warehouses within Laredo, ensuring smooth and efficient movement of freight within the region.
We combine smaller shipments from multiple sources in order to create a more cost-effective shipment for efficient transportation. As well as, breaking down a shipment into smaller units for final distribution to individual recipients or destinations.
We have incoming trucks quickly sorted and transferred to outgoing trucks with minimal storage time. This efficient process streamlines distribution, reducing inventory holding costs and enhancing overall supply chain speed and agility.
We transport goods across the Northern and Southern U.S. borders, ensuring smooth movement of products between countries. We facilitate trade and handle customs, regulations, and the required documentation.
In our facilities, we store belongings for a brief period, ensuring safekeeping and providing flexibility and convenience for both individuals and businesses alike.
We handle ground transportation for goods and commodities, ensuring timely and secure delivery from one location to another across the state, especially in the Texas Triangle (Dallas-Houston-San Antonio).

An efficient and affordable freight shipping service across the United States

USA map locations for freight transportation and warehouses


Local freight shipping in Laredo involves a streamlined process of transporting merchandise within the city. It typically begins with picking up a dry van filled with goods from one warehouse in Laredo. The merchandise is then carefully transported to another warehouse within the city for efficient and timely delivery.

This crucial logistical operation ensures that products reach their destination swiftly, aiding businesses in managing their inventory and meeting the needs of their customers effectively within the Laredo area

Mexicom USA has established a warehouse facility, strategically situated in the Laredo, TX area to provide easy access to our services in the Unites States, for all our valued customers. This way we reaffirm our commitment to delivering effective distribution solutions throughout the region.

desconsolidation and consolitation


Our load consolidation services are a pivotal operation where we efficiently merge multiple smaller inbound product loads from various companies into one cohesive, outbound full truckload at our dock facility. This streamlines logistics and optimizes transportation, enhancing cost-efficiency and minimizing transit times.

Load deconsolidation, involves the breakdown of a single inbound product load into smaller outbound loads. These individual shipments are carefully processed, sorted, and prepared for final delivery, often directed straight to the end customer. Our expertise in deconsolidation ensures precise and efficient distribution of goods, meeting specific customer requirements seamlessly.

In addition to our Laredo, (TX) facility warehouse, Mexicom Logistics proudly operates a network of five strategically positioned distribution centers located at strategic border points throughout the United States and North America: Hebron (KY), Los Angeles (CA), Laredo (TX), Montreal (QC), and Mexico City. We extend specialized consolidation services to our valued customers dealing with multiple suppliers, ensuring streamlined logistics and optimized supply chain management.

CROSS docking in laredo texas ground transportation


Our cross-docking process is carefully designed to seamlessly transfer goods from incoming trucks directly to outgoing trucks, minimizing storage time and maximizing distribution efficiency. The cross-docking service enables a ‘just-in-time’ approach, ensuring that products reach their intended destinations promptly. This accelerated pace enhances your supply chain’s agility, enabling you to adapt swiftly to market demands and stay ahead of the competition.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious solution. By choosing a partner committed to your success your supply chain will experience efficiency, speed, and overall success in the dynamic world of logistics and commerce.


With our bridge crossing service, we simplify international imports and exports for seamless trade. Our process is design for a speed and efficiency procedure ensuring a hassle-free experience with customs clearance, documentation assistance, and compliance with the relevant regulations and protocols. We leverage our deep industry knowledge and strong partnerships to expedite the movement of your goods while maintaining compliance with all necessary regulations.

For imports, we ensure a streamlined customs clearance process, working closely with our expert team which navigates the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, tariffs, and documentation, minimizing delays and expedite the clearance of imported goods.

When it comes to exports, we assist clients in preparing and organizing the required export documentation, ensuring compliance with the diverse regulations and protocols of destination countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States, enhancing the speed of export transactions.


A service designed to offer a flexible and convenient solution for businesses and companies that require temporary storage for their cargo. We understand the importance of flexible and reliable storage options when it comes to streamlining transportation logistics, managing transit delays, or optimizing supply chains. Our facilities are strategically located, providing a centralized hub for storing goods temporarily during transit.

Mexicom USA strategically placed a warehouse facility in the Laredo, TX region enhancing accessibility to our services and directly benefiting our customers in the United States and across North America. This facility offers a dedicated space for our short-term storage service. Furthermore, we are excited to share that our latest project involves the development of a brand-new warehouse situated in Laredo, designed to optimize our service capabilities. This facility will encompass an impressive 43,000 square feet of storage space and will be equipped with 17 loading docks.


We offer freight transportation shipping services, specializing in the seamless movement of cargo across the vast expanses of the Texas Triangle, encompassing Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and crossing the border in Laredo. Our service is engineered to deliver a dependable, efficient, and cost-effective logistics solution for businesses looking to transport goods.

We offer a variety of freight transportation options, ranging from less-than-truckload (LTL) to full truckload (FTL) services. Tailored to your cargo size and needs, we provide flexible solutions to ensure cost-effectiveness and streamlined operations.


We are thrilled to announce our most recent undertaking: the construction of a brand-new warehouse in Laredo, specifically designed to enhance our service capabilities. This facility will boast an expansive storage area covering 43,000 square feet and will feature 17 loading docks, further emphasizing our commitment to optimal service.

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