LTL freight shipments from
Quebec and Ontario to Mexico

Based in Montreal, QC, Canada, Mexicom Logistics has over 14 years of experience providing reliable Less Than Truckload freight shipping services across North America. During these years, we have reported a steady growth on our  LTL freight shipments from Quebec and Ontario to Mexico. Today,  we are proud to have arrived at a point where we are sure to be the transportation company that offers the most competitive rate on this shipping lane while providing the impeccable transportation service that has become Mexicom’s signature.

LTL freight transportation MExico Canada US

Why do we excel at LTL freight shipments:

  • We offer continual status updates so our customers are fully aware of the status of their shipment
  • We ship LTL freight twice a week.
  • We offer a team driver for fast delivery mode
  • We provide rapid cross-border expediting. The US-Mexico border crossing is what we do best!
  • We have bonded carriers for in-transit, international shipments
  • We have a large network of C-TPAT approved companies with transit permits and 24/7 satellite tracking systems and

Bonded carriers 

We are experts in the creation of T&E, IT

Fast Pick-up 

With one day notice


Continual,  twice a day minimum

Ship hassle-free! 

We manage the logistics with all the parties involved.

LTL freight transport MExico Canada USA

Shipping LTL twice a week to Mexico

From Montreal, QC
Mondays, and Thursdays

From Toronto, ON
Tuesdays and Fridays

Less Than Truckload shipping or LTL is the transportation of freight that combines shipments from multiple customers in a single truck. In other words, as every customer’s shipment does not require a full 48′ or 53′ trailer, the portion of the truck unused is filled up with another customer’s shipment. Each customer pays according to the type (class), amount, weight, size and density of shipment and the length of travel.

Save money on your
LTL freight shipments from Quebec and Ontario to Mexico,
without compromising on high-quality

If your goal is to obtain an affordable LTL freight shipments from Quebec and Ontario to Mexico, Mexicom Logistics is able to offer you a cost-effective solution without compromising the good quality of the service.

Cost effective and reliable carriers

Having over 14 years providing LTL freight shipping services connecting Canada and Mexico, Mexicom Logistics has developed alliances with a wide variety of reliable carriers in Mexico and Canada. Among them, we choose the ones that offer the most affordable service to offer our customers a high-quality, yet cost-effective LTL freight shipping service.

Finding your correct freight class to save money

The LTL shipment is identified by a class (or number) that indicates the type of product and that plays a role in the transportation cost. Thus, it is very important to find the correct class for your shipment, otherwise, you could end up paying more than you should. It is simple: the lower your class, the lower the price. Our logistics coordinators have the expertise to provide you with a low cost Less Than Truckload freight shipping just by classifying the load correctly.

Affordable LTL freight shipments from Quebec and Ontario to Mexico

Count on us for your
LTL freight shipments from Quebec and Ontario to Mexico,

We are experienced, trustworthy and trilingual


First, Mexicom’s logistics experts speak English, Spanish and French, and are capable of expediting with all parties involved. Second, we have over 14 years of experience offering reliable and affordable Less than Truckload freight shipments between Canada and Mexico.
Above all, Mexicom Logistics has developed a strong relationship with its Canadian, American and Mexican customers by providing them reliable freight transport services. This is because Mexicom Logistics has a real commitment to the growth of its customers.

In other words, we can offer you the most efficient, affordable and reliable Less than Truckload freight shipments from Quebec and Ontario to Mexico.

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A USA-Mexico cross-border shipping experience hassle free!
On your LTL freight shipments from Quebec and Ontario to Mexico 

No one knows better the USA-Mexico cross-border freight transportation than Mexicom Logistics. We not only understand the language and the culture but also we master the process. This includes the documents, times and other requirements. As a result, we can guarantee our customers a Less Than Truckload cross-border shipping experience hassle-free.

The border crossing for the transportation of merchandise between the United States and Mexico is one of the busiest in the world. Its geopolitical position, the type of goods that are transported and the high cross-border control, make the transportation of merchandise across the border of Mexico and the USA complex. To understand the fundamentals of the USA-Mexico shipping process, we invite you to read our blog post on this topic, click here.

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