Hebron Distribution Centre

Our new distribution center in Hebron, Kentucky paves the road to new advantages.
For customers shipping from Mexico it will offer an opportunity
to get closer to US or Canadian markets.

For our Mexican customers with suppliers in the US and Canada, we can help to reduce transportation costs by offering:

  • More warehouse storage space.
  • Shorter transit time to destination than shipping directly from Mexico.
  • The shipping time from the purchase order date will now take from 3-4 days instead of the average 15 days when shipped from the origin plants.
  • Total visibility of inventories
  • The ability to ship 24/7 to any destination in the US and Canada.
  • Controlled expenses for warehousing
  • The ability to repack and ship piece by piece, or by pallets.

We are very excited about our Kentucky facility because we know that it will greatly benefit, you, our customer.